10 Things from Amazon Every Curly Girl Needs 

10 Things from Amazon Every Curly Girl Needs 

Hello there! They’re so many hair products that have helped my curls reach its most lusious, healthiest state.

But what about all the devices that made the whole process a lot more smoother and easier?

Below I’ve come up with the Top 10 Amazon Products you need if you have curly hair.

As a curly girl, most of my curly hair purchases come from amazon. This is because they have everything you can ever need for taking care of your curls from the denman brush to Cantu sets, all at a cheap price.

These products are not only inexpensive, but I don’t need to look frantically in stores to find everything on my list and wonder if it’s not even there. (most of the time it’s not).

Up until I shopped on amazon, my curly hair wishlist was incomplete. Because of Amazon, my curls are able to look the best they can be whilst remaining healthy!

I’m here sharing this information you because I wish someone would have informed me about all of these useful and cool devices before it all got a bit too much work.

The one thing I love about amazon is the fact that you can by virtually anything without ever having to leave your house!

You can see the products, their prices and reviews to help you decide on the best one for you!

Fortunately for you I’ve already done all of this and picked out the best one’s that you can buy and use within a week!!

All of these devices/gadgets have been tested and reviewed to make your choice a lot easier. I hope you enjoy!

Hair Diffuser

Curly Hair Blogger using a diffuser to dry her curls

In no particular order; the first thing on my list that I advise every curly headed person to buy is a hair diffuser.

Hair diffusers help your gorgeous curls dry without ruining the pattern you made with the styling products.

It can be enerrgy consuming to dry whilst keeping the curls in a specific style. I remember using the palms of my hands to keep the shape without !

Crazy right? It keeps the curls intact and in shape whilst you dry it.

As someone who has fine, straight roots and loose curls ; a diffuser did just the trick with helping curl definition, volume and appearance of thicker hair.

So How Do I Use It?:

The whole idea of a diffuser is to lift your root for extra volume (4 Best Ways to Volumise your Curls) to get maximum volume. This diffuser is especially great for those with straight roots who are struggling to increase volume into their curls.

The diffuser not only gives extra volume, but makes your hair appear more thicker and healthier!

Sounds great doesn’t it?

  1. Connect the diffuser to the mouth of the hairdryer (where the heat comes out from).
  2. Tip your head over to one side (preferably, gather all your hair to the front of your face) after you’ve applied your products to ensure that the hair is being lifted from its roots. This is done to avoid your curls dragging down on the roots.
  3. Then – on the lowest setting, hover the diffuser over your scalp (without touching the scalp) just close enough that you can feel some heat but not too close that will make your head burn (ouch)! Don’t worry you should be fine.
  4. After that, hover the diffuser over the rest of your hair/curls without touching them, hovering up and down over your entire head.
  5. Switch the position of your hair and hover the diffuser over it until all parts of your hair has been partiallly dried. This is to keep the shape of your styled curls whilst giving maximum volume.
  6. Then, grab a section of your hair and place it in the palms of the diffuser.
  7. Slowly elevate the hairdryer/diffuser  with the section of your hair in it and bring it towards the scalp of your head.
  8. Hold it for 10 seconds on low heat.
  9. Carry out steps 6 – 8 for the rest of your hair, ensuring you diffuse each section.

And Voila! You’re all done and ready to enjoy your voluminous, thick healthy curls.

click here to purchase it on amazon

Denman Brush

If there’s any product you should buy from this entire list; it’s the denman brush.

I cannot stress how important it is to have this in your curly hair kit. The best thing about it is that you can get it here on amazon!!

What is the denman brush and how does it work ??

The denman brush is the best brush that you will ever use in your entire life.

As we all know, it’s impossible to brush curly hair.

That’s when the denman brush comes in.

The denman brush is manufactured to encourage curls to form because the teeth are set in parallel rows equally around the brush to reduce detangling time, encourage equal distribution and enhance curl definition.

using a denman brush to style hair

click here to see how to use a denman brush. 

click here get hold of the denman brush from amazon


When styling your hair, you are weighing down your roots because of how heavy the products are in your hair.

So, to prevent flat hair, clip your hair at its roots at the top of your head

How Do I Do it? 

Whilst your hair is still soaking wet; grab a few hairdressing clips and clip your hair at its roots as they air dry. This creates volume as your roots are being held up during the drying process and not weighed down by your product-enriched curls.

click here to buy these clips from amazon

Microfibre Towel

EVERY curly girl and guy NEEDS to have a microfibre towel in their curly hair vanity kit.

A microfibre towel has a major effect on the appearance and the health of your curls.

A normal towel is too harsh to use for drying your hair and causes your hair to frizz and break out. I mean its 2020, people still use one towel for everything???

Like you need a separate towel for your face, you also need a seperate towel for your hair. Haircare = Selfcare.

Use a microfibre towel to dry your hair when its wet.

Microfibre towel is less harsh on your hair meaning it reduces the breakage and therefore reduces frizz in your hair.

Wrap your hair in a microfibre towel when you come out of the shower or after a washday.

click here to buy it 

Satin Pillow

A satin bonnet is a great way if not the most popular way to protect your curls overnight.

The satin bonnet is worn over it whilst your sleeping for extra protection.

This is to make sure that your curls are only touching satin at all times and are not rubbing against any harsh materials and causing frizz or losing curl definition.You can buy it here.

Another alternative to the satin bonnet is the satin pillow. The most comfortable out of the three, however not the most effective, the satin pillow is great for keeping your curls protected overnight and defined. You can find it here on amazon.

The satin scarf is another popular way to protect your curls overnight, but requires a little more effort. It also looks super cute when on so that’s even better.

 Fold the satin scarf in a triangular shape and tie it around the front of your head.

Open the triangle so it reaches over the pineapple and tuck into the top part where the knot is.

There are many different ways to wrapping a satin scarf, you just have to find the one right for you.click here to get yours from amazon!

Pick Comb

Pick out your hair using a pick comb especially at the crown of your head and its roots. This is also done to encourage volume.

Do this at the end of your curly hair routine after your hair is dry and in place. Using a pick comb changes your entire curly hair routine as it discourages weighing your roots down. It makes your hair appear more healthier and thicker. click here to try it out!

Shea Moisture Sets

I cannot stress how much I LOVE shea moisture hair products. My first ever curly hair product was the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibusicus Curling shampoo and conditioner!

 Shea Moisture is great, whether it’s for transitioning, damaged hair or healthy, thick curls. Anyone can use Shea Moisture and the best thing about it; it’s sulphate, paraffin and silicon FREE!

Shea moisture is a curly hair brand which offers great products to help protect and encourage curls.

Shea moisture’s hair products were the first products I invested in when I decided to start my curly hair journey. (Click here to read 5 Amazing Tips for Transitioning to Natural Curly Hair) 

The amazing thing about it is that you can get sets fof Shea Moisture Products such as Shampoos, Conditoners, leave-ins etc from amazon at a cheap price! So you don’t have to worry about going into store; you can do it directly from your phone !:) click here to buy the set you want from Amazon .

Cantu Sets

As much as I love Shea Moisture; I equally love Cantu hair products. Especially their sets that they offer on amazon.

Packed with the things you need, these sets make it so much easier for you to get the necessities all in one go without getting into a dilemma about which ones to choose from!

These Cantu Sets on Amazon give you exactly what you need so you don’t need to get all stressed out.

It’s hard to find Cantu or Shea Moisture sets in shops where I live and I end up paying the individual prices of each. These sets are super convenient and thought out. The good thing is that you can buy it from the comfort of your own home!   click here to try it out

Hair Product Holder

This is such a practical and efficient device that I reccommend all curly heads to get.

We have so many products and combs and creams and microfibre towels that it’s easy to misplace them. Especially when your going away on holiday or at a sleepover. It can be so much effort to pack everything.

Even after using them, it gets so messy with everything just everywhere. We forget to put them back into the right draws and then everything becomes so disorganised.

These hair product holders make it easier for you to 1. find your things and 2. keep them neat and tidy.

I cannot tell you how many denman brushes and pick combs I’ve misplaced in the past. These hair product holders are so convenient and tidy. I definitely believe we all need these.

It’s relatively expensive and I purchased mine from amazon and since then, it’s been nearly impossible to misplace things.Click here to buy your Hair Product Holder From Amazon!

Water Spray

My styling routine and products used to achieve volumious healthy curls would not be what it is today without using a water spray.

A gift from god, a water spray helps wet the hair as you style it so your hair doesn’t dry and your hair is constantly being moistured to allow the products to work to its best ability. It may seem insignificant but it really changed my hair styling routine.

Before I would stand over the sink, constantly wetting my sleeves and top trying to add water to my hair using my fingers. It required so much effort and my clothes always got wet.

A water spray has been a good investment into making sure my products work the best they can without wetting my clothes and distributing the water equally in the right amounts.Click here to buy your very own water spray from amazon!


Diffuser: Encourages curl defination, volume and decreases drying time.

Denman Brush:  Encourages curl definition, pattern and detangles hair.

Clips: Encourages volume at the top of your hair

Microfibre towel: 

Satin Pillow/Scarf: Doesn’t cause frizz, protects hair whilst sleeping.

Pick Comb: Encourages Volume at the roots.

Shea Moisture & Cantu Sets: These sets make it so much easier for you to get the necessities all in one go without getting into a dilemma about which ones to choose from!

Hair Product Holder: These hair product holders make it easier for you to 1. find your things and 2. keep them neat and tidy.

Water Spray: Distributes water equally around the hair in the right amounts to allow constant moisture when styling.

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