4 Amazing ways to take care of your curls at the beach.

Even though going to the beach and swimming in the ocean is perhaps one of the most relaxing things to do, we should do these 4 things when we’re at the beach to style & protect our curls from the ocean water, harmful UV rays and hot weather. 

These 4 tips are extremely easy, quick and simple so don’t worry about thinking of it as a chore. 

In fact, our curls will only look even better than usual and I’ll tell you why.  

When swimming in the ocean, your curls will become tighter and more frizzy, giving it more volume and a tighter curl pattern. This is because the hydrogen and salt in the water causes more texture in your curls. 

With this being said it also means your hair will be a lot drier and become un-moisturised. As someone who’s lived through this experience I know I needed to fix that so I used these 4 tips: 

  1. Use a conditioner to moisturise your curls before going into the ocean.
  2. Prep your curls with a detangler
  3. Tie your hair when wet – not dry.
  4. Shower after you come out of the ocean

Use a conditioner to moisturise your curls before going into the ocean.

This easy and amazing tip will hydrate your curls when taking a swim in the dehydrating salty ocean.

Simply grab your favourite, thick and creamy leave-in conditioner or conditioner and nourish your curls before stepping into the ocean. Apply as you normally would when washing your hair and now you’re ready for a great moisturised, frizz-free swim.

I cannot tell you how much this tip helped me as not only was my hair nourished and shiny, but also smelt so great 🙂

My go-to deep conditioner when going for a swim is the Shea Moisture deep conditioner Manuka honey & Yogurt Hydrate and repair. I love this deep conditioner as it’s super hydrating and has such a great scent. Click here to buy it.

Shea Moisture Deep conditioner for your curls at the beach

Prep your curls with a detangler.

When swimming in the ocean, your curls become extremely tangled therefore it’s important to detangle your hair beforehand to get all those knots out before the ocean has its turn.

I use this Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Detangler for numerous benefical reasons. It is a great product for detangling your curls safely as it’s curly girl friendly. Not only does it detangle your curls but it fights against the humidity so you can rock your curls at the beach. Click here to find out how your curls can fight humidity.

How to detangle your curls safely?

  1. Make sure your hair is damply wet.
  2. Spray Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Detangler throughout your hair.
  3. Use your denman brush to distribute it evenly.
Ouidad advanced climate control for curls at the beach

Tie your hair when wet – not dry.

After going for a swim in the ocean your curls can become dry and frizzy. Therefore tying it up with a hairband is going to cause more frizz and damage to your curls.

You can prevent excess damage by simply tying it up when it’s wet. This decreases the friction caused by your hair band rubbing agains your unmoisturised curls. When your hair is wet, then feel free to braid fish plates, put it into a bun or any style you desire. But it’s important that you style whilst your curls are wet.

Washing your hair after swimming in the ocean

This tip is crucial if you want to maintain healthy curls. Washing your curls once you come out of the ocean is a great way to cleanse your curls after its been put under abnormal conditions. Between the salt dehydrating your hair and causing frizz along with the water changing the pattern of your curls, your curls need some TLC and what better way to treat & clean your hair then with a good shower.

Apply a great cleanser such as the As I Am Clarity Shampoo and finish it off with your favourite conditioner. Click here to purchase it.

As I am Clarity Shampoo for curls at the beach.


In conclusion in order to keep your curls looking good at the beach whilst maintaining its health, use a conditioner before going for a swim, prep your curls with a detangler, tie it up whilst it’s wet and wash your hair after swimming in the ocean. And there you have it! Now you can look and feel great at the beach and you don’t have to worry about what the water is doing to your curls.

Let me know in the comment section below if there’s anything you wanted to include and what tip you enjoyed the most.

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