5 Simple & Fast tips for Voluminous Curls.

One thing I struggled with when it came to styling my hair is volume.

Whether your roots are naturally straight or not; we can all agree that volume is something we all want.

If you’re looking for how to get voluminous and healthy curls look no further. 🙂  Below are some really simple tips on how to voluminise your curls.

Clipping your hair at the roots.

  1. When styling your hair, you are weighing down your roots because of how heavy the products are in your hair. So, to prevent flat hair, clip your hair at its roots at the top of your head. If you don’t have these hairdressing clips then you can buy them here!

How to use clips to create volume: 

  1. Whilst your hair is still soaking wet; grab a few hairdressing clips and clip your hair at its roots as they air dry.

Combing your curls correctly: 

Enough times, I’ve seen people comb their curls straight down and this is wrong. 

Effectively using the denman brush correctly causes immense transformation in the amount of volume your curls have.

This changed the game completely for me as my curls were no longer flat and lifeless.

So how do I comb my curls correctly?

When combing your hair to evenly distribute product;

  1. Grab a section of your hair.
  2. Hold the brush/comb of your choice underneath the section.
  3. Place the comb/brush at your roots as close to the scalp as possible.
  4. Comb upwards, lifting the section up as you comb.
  5. Then, comb the hair in different directions (such as away from the face) starting from the roots to lift the hair up – you’ll notice a difference straight away!
  6. Once you reach the crown – lift it from its roots going upwards from both underneath and from the top of the section.

And Volià! The volume is unmissable. Thank me later.

Dry your roots first! 

There’s a specific technique when trying to get maximum volume with a diffuser.

An important one being to dry your roots first.

When using a diffuser: dry your roots before drying any other sections of your hair. Having a diffuser is absolutely crucial and you can easily purchase it here !!

So how do I dry my roots correctly?

It’s a good thing you asked…

  1. Tip your hair to the front of your face.
  2. Remove your diffuser. Yep – you heard me.

3. Dry your roots using a hair-dryer without the diffuser creates frizz & thus more volume at your roots. It won’t look messy; just extremely volumized.

4. Turn your head in different directions and dry the roots in which way you’d like your curls to sit in.

Once your roots are completely dry and raised; turn your head upside down with your hair which sits closest to your neck exposed and lightly hover over it with your diffuser.

Do not touch or try to change the shape of your curls just yet.  This is to dry the gel cast in order to lock the curls in a specific style. Then, dry the rest of your curls using the diffuser for great definition.

How do I air-dry my curls for maximum volume? 

I used to think a diffuser would help me create volume – I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I find that air-drying does my curls more justice and I’ll tell you why…..

Air-drying doesn’t cause as much frizz as using a diffuser would. It allows me to alter the style of my curls and alter the way it sits – also it’s much funner!

Starting with dry roots….

  1. Flip your hair to one side (lifting it from its roots).
  2. sway your body/head accordingly to allow air to blow through it.
  3. You’ll want to do this for 10 minutes whilst you carry on with the rest of your day.
  4. Flip it to the otherside and sway yourself.
  5. Change directions once your hair seems to be drying from one side. (The time you spend on each side depends on how long it takes your hair to dry)
  6. Move around whilst your hair is drying:)
And let it airdry… .

Using A Pick-Comb:

Pick out your hair using a pick comb especially at the crown of your head and its roots. This is also done to encourage volume. Do this at the end of your curly hair routine after your hair is dry and in place. Using a pick comb changes your entire curly hair routine.


In all, these 5 tips are guarenteed to get more volumious curls.

  1. Clipping your hair at its roots.
  2. Correctly combing you hair.
  3. Drying your roots first without a diffuser.
  4. Air-drying your hair.
  5. Using a pick-comb.

love & use these tips when I want big, volumious curly hair and it never fails me. Try out these tips and youll be able to see instant difference in volume. So, which tip on volumizing your hair do you like the most and which one will you be trying? Let me know in the comment section below!

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