4 Different Ways You Can Voluminise Your Curls

One thing I struggled with when it came to styling my hair is volume. My roots are naturally straight meaning that the top of my head was rather flat and lacked volume.

Whether your roots are naturally straight or not; we can all agree that volume is something we all could use a bit of.

If you’re looking for how to get voluminous and healthy curls look no further. 🙂  Below are some really simple tips on how to voluminise your curls.

Clipping the hair at the roots.


  • Whilst your hair is still soaking wet; grab a few hairdressing clips and clip your hair at its roots as they air dry. This creates volume as your roots are being held up during the drying process and not weighed down by your product-enriched curls.

Styling your hair upside down:

  • Another tip; similar to the one previously mentioned; is styling your hair upside down. If you don’t have any hair clips (you can buy them here!!); then feel free to turn your head upside down.


  • When applying creams, milks and gels, ensure to tip your head over as much as you can without damaging your posture and also whilst scrunching your hair. However this can cause a strain on your back so I would opt for some clips.

Using A Diffuser: 

  • There is a specific technique, when it comes to getting maximum volume with a diffuser. The most important one being to dry your roots first. When using a diffuser: dry your roots before attempting to dry any other parts of your hair. Having a diffuser is absolutely crucial and you can easily purchase it here !!


  • Once your roots are completely dry and raised; turn your head upside down with your hair which sits closest to your neck exposed and lightly hover over it with your diffuser. Do not touch or try to change the shape of your curls just yet.  This is to dry the gel cast in order to lock the curls in a specific style. Then, you dry the rest of the hair.


Using A Pick-Comb:



So, which tip on volumizing your hair do you like the most and which one will you be trying? Let me know in the comment section below!!


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