5 Clothes You Need to get the Feminine Autumn Look

5 Clothes You Need to get the Feminine Autumn Look

So it was March and then the next thing we knew; it was October. And so what if we never got to experience summer nights and floral dress, sipping drinks by the pool… I digress.

But that’s okay because now we can enjoy spooky season, pumpkin spice latte’s and the orange, crunchy leaves. Out of all of these lovely seasonal things about fall; my favourite is the clothes. Fashion will always play a big part in the autumn/fall season. The knitted sweaters, the warm orange-y, beige-y colours along with the leather boots and leather jackets gives me literal chills – every year. Fall/Autumn fashion is hands-down the greatest aesthetic of them all. This post is all about fashion trends that totally rock this autumn/fall !!



  1. You guessed it… Boots! These high-heeled black boots scream autumn/fall. Bonus if you’re a short girl like me!! Wearing high heeled boots give you are more elevated look (pun intended), whilst improving your posture, keeping you looking classy, elegant and professional. Wearing heels also accentuates your hips and curves to enhance your feminity.


2. Knitted sweaters are the way forward! We are all completely obsessed with knitted sweaters during this time of year. Beige seems to be everyones go-to colour this fall as many influencial, beautiful people can be seen wearing it on the gram and on the streets. But even if you don’t have a beige knitted sweater; you can wear a grey, maroon and many other colours to make sure you look effortlessly feminine and seasonal!!

3. Jackets, Jackets & More Jackets. Bomber Jackets, leather jackets, trenches & many more.


You NEED a bomber jacket to create that chic, nonchalant style.


Does anything scream fall more than leather jackets. They give off effortless cool vibes and I’m obsessed with them.



My favourite outwear at the moment; The trench coat. The trench coat is extremely versatile as you can throw it on over any outfit. These trench coats completely control your OOTD and transforms your style into this sophisticated, elegant, chic fashionista. If there is anything you should purchase from this entire post; it has to be the trench coat. It doesn’t need to be expensive with a designer tag; shops like Mango, Zara and many more have great quality trench coats.


4. Blue jeans / vintage denim jeans. What’s not to love about jeans? They go with nearly everything. And don’t let others fool you into thinking jeans are not feminine. Femininity is what you make it! Grab your favourite pair of jeans and watch how they simultaneously go with any top – especially the knitted sweaters.




5. Nails – a small but noticable detail that contribute to your overall look to give you that extra sprinkle of autumn/fall vibes. These nails will really bring attention to your hands. The nail colours can range from brown to purple to orange. It’s really up to you!! A lovely feminine touch to your outfit and hands!!

In conclusion, jumpers/sweaters, boots, jeans, jackets & fall coloured nails is the recipe for the perfect autumn style!! But remember; the most important step of them all is to be confident. I know it sounds clichè but really; you can have the most stylish fit; but if you’re not confident; you’re not gonna look your best. Even if you don’t feel confident; fake it till you make it!!!

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