5 fashionable Tips for styling your tennis skirt this summer.

5 Fashionable Tips to style your tennis skirt for summer

From beautiful influencers to fashion-icon models like Bella Hadid; this tennis skirt is everywhere and is ready to stay for the summer . 

Influencer on Pinterest wearing a tennis skirt outfit
Influencer wearing a tennis skirt outfit
Influencer wearing a tennis skirt outfit inspo

The history of the tennis skirt in the fashion industry is extremely compelling. First designed in the 1920’s, over a hundred years later, the tennis skirt has evolved from a long, ankle-length white skirt used for playing tennis to a trendy short pleated skirt worn for fashion and aesthetic purposes.

The tennis skirt has been revolutionised to become a chic, casual yet highly fashionable clothing item in 2021.

 From pinterest to instagram, it’s no wonder that we all want to know how to style the infamous tennis skirt to unlock our more voguish and fashionable sides.

Here are 5 trendy and chic ways you can style your tennis skirt this summer from which shoes, accessories and tops to wear with it and where you can find it! Read on for the tips 🙂

Style your tennis skirt with a cropped vest top/tank top: 

Cropped vest tops & tank tops are infamously worn with a tennis skirt for that casual trendy outfit perfect for summer time.

You can find tank tops and cropped vest tops here at Zara or here at Shein. 

tennis skirt outfit ideas
influencer wearing a tennis skirt for a casual, fashionable purpose rather than for playing tennis.

tennis skirt outfit idea

Style your tennis skirt with a cropped cardigan: 

Cropped cardigans pair perfectly with a tennis skirt. Even though it’s summertime – don’t be afraid to switch up your style from cropped tank tops to cropped cardigans.

Cropped cardigans are great for those summer chilly days (if you live in a colder climate like me) or to give you a more classy, elegant aesthetic.


Cropped cardigan from AlexanderWang

This cropped cardigan from Alexander Wang pairs beautifully with a tennis skirt to create a preppy, feminine and highly fashionable outfit theme.



Cropped blue cardigan from Miu Miu

Pastel colours gracefully complement a white tennis skirt and all-the-more embraces the summer weather. You can buy cheaper alternatives to this Miu Miu blue cropped cardigan here at PrettyLittleThing.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pastel colours and always remember to pair your pastel-coloured cardigan with matching accessories such as headbands and bags. Try to stick with pastel colours to stay on the safe side to make sure you’re appropriate to the seasons to remain trendy and stylish.


Although I previously mentioned how pastel colours complement the hot, sunny bright weather -you can challenge this by taking the risk of adding a stronger, much more intense theme to your colour palette.

This intense green cardigan from Pinko works perfectly with a tennis skirt.

Style this green cardigan with matching green accessories.

Try using acessories that are lighter shades of green to lessen the intensity of the green to coincide with the summer seasons.

These trainers will complete your entire outfit:

White trainers complete the outfit as they provide a comfortable, casual aesthetic which is perfect for the summer months.

White trainers (specifically airforces) are extremely popular and serves as the current necessity in mostly everybody’s wardrobe and surprisingly the go-to shoes when wearing a tennis skirt.

Let me explain why:

The contrast between the white skirt and sporty shoes gives the outfit a fusion of trendy, feminine and sporty when worn with a tennis skirt.

The tennis skirt beautifully matches the white trainers when wearing it because the both are sportswear which means the outfit will be perfectly put together.

If you want to add some height to yourself then these chunky trainers are the way to go as it keeps the aesthetic of the outfit whilst giving the outfit a more louder presence and an increase in height.

Maybe you want to emphasise on your legs or maybe you want to make your outfit stand out more – either way, these chunky trainers are right for you.

I personally love these Prada chunky trainers as they give off summer vibes whilst keeping a fun and feminine aesthetic.

The sunglasses go best with the outfit:

Having the right pair of sunglasses elevate your outfit from basic and boring to chic and highly fashionable. Wearing sunglasses adds elegance and class to your outfit without altering its aesthetic. Ideally, it symbolises wealth and status when used correctly. Tiny framed rectangular sunglasses go exceptionally well with a simple tennis skirt outfit.

These Gucci sunglasses can be paired with a simple outfit worn with a tennis skirt to make your outfit stand out. You can find the dupe to these sunglasses here at Shein. 

Bags to go with your tennis skirt outfit

I cannot express how important choosing the right bag is when wearing a particular outfit. The tennis skirt outfit has infamously been paired with a mini shoulder bag by many celebrities and influences and since then, it has become the new trend. I will show you how to pair particular shoulder bags of specific designs and colours with particular tennis skirt outfits.

tennis skirt outfit idea for the summer
Tennis skirt Inspo for the summer.

 First up we have the plain shoulder bag. This shoulder bag of a specific colour can be used when wearing a graphic tee (as we need one bold item). The colour of the shoulder bag must either match a certain clothing item that you’re wearing or it must compliment the outfit’s colour palatte. You can find inexpensive bags on websites such as Shein or Zara which sell these bags in different shades. For example:

An extremely fashionable and versatile bag that I keep in my closet that works with most outfits especially with majority of tennis skirt outfits is this Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette.

A timeless bag, click here to find out more about the Mini Pochette.

tennis skirt outfit idea for the summer
Tennis skirt outfit inspo for the summer.


Versace mini bag.

You can even decide to go with a bold mini shoulder bag and a plain outfit.

For example: This Versace bag has a wide range of colours in it making it compatible with many outfits, especially if you decide to wear a plain and simple outfit.

tennis skirt outfit idea for the summer
Tennis skirt inspo idea for the summer.

A great summer accessory and a great statement piece, I recommend you get one like this to add an artistic flair to your outfit. Which leads me to my summary….


  1. Go with a cropped top whether it’s a blouse, cardigan or vest top as wearing a cropped top with a tennis skirt gives the outfit a more chic and trendy accent.
  2. Stick with either neutrals or pastels when deciding on a colour palette to appropriately align with the summer seasons.
  3. Ensure that you have accessories that either match the top or compliment the colour palette of your overall outfit.
  4. Have one central item/bold item to keep your outfit interesting whilst keeping a casual and fun aesthetic.
  5. White trainers (bonus if it’s chunky) will complete your outfit and calls attention to your tennis skirt.
  6. Focus on wearing small framed rectangular sunglasses for a more chic & vogue-ish aesthetic when wearing a tennis skirt.
  7. Small shoulder bags & tennis skirts is a match made-in-heaven.

So what are you waiting for, go and envision the tennis skirt outfit of your dreams and let it come to life! But remember, fashion is a form of art and these are the basic rules when it comes to styling a tennis skirt in summer.

You must feel free to express yourself in a way in which empowers you, makes you confident and comfortable so you can have the summer of your lifetime so don’t be afraid to defy these rules!

Try these tips out at let me know in the comment section below how your summer outfits came out!

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