6 Amazing Tips For Transitioning To Natural Curly Hair

6 Tips For Transitioning to Natural Curly Hair

After burning and damaging my curls from the moment I was allowed to use a straightner, I decided that enough was enough and that I wanted to transition to natural curly hair. 

Many months later, here I am, with luscious, healthy curls and here’s how I did it. I used these 6 tips:  

  1. Cotton t – shirt
  2. The three S’s
  3. The three D’s
  4.  No heat
  5. Hair Products
  6. Chopping.

What Exactly Is Transitioning:

Now, this is probably where you’re going to ask “what is transitioning?”

Transitioning is the process of transforming your damaged and broken hair back to its natural curly state.

The transitioning process can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 years – depending on your idea of natural healthy curls.

Luckily for you, I’ll be showing you how I transitioned from damaged and no curl pattern to healthy 3A curls in just 7 weeks. 

My hair was so badly damaged from regularly straightening it since I was 7 years old that I didn’t think it was possible to get my curls back.

However, since my transition to natural curls, I began to get lots of questions asking me how I take care of it and what I did to reverse the seemingly irreversible damage.

So, I took the time out to write this blog to give you the valuable tips on transitioning to natural, gorgeous curls.  

Believe me, it’s possible!!

But can you still transition back to your natural curls even if they’re so damaged?

Will Transitioning Work If My Hair Is Too Damaged ? 

Fortunately for you, the answer is; YES It’s definitely achievable to get your curls back no matter how damaged they may be.

Now, many people may think that their hair is much too damaged to ever transition to nautral curls but I assure you that regardless of whether it’s heat damage or chemical damage, it is more than possible to get naturally curly healthy hair, and I can happily say so from experience.

A study conducted at the University Hospital Center explains that your hair grows and sheds it old ones everyday. 

Take a look at the top of your head (your roots) and that is where you’ll find your most healthiest and newest hair. In the hair community this is known as “virgin hair”. 

In the Article; Human Hair Follicle: Professor Ines Brajac, Head of Department of dermatology explains that we go through hair cycles that allow new and healthy hair to grow through our scalp and removes old hair (shedding) which gives you a new opportunity to preserve and take care of your new, undamaged hair. 

So it is possible, though it might be a longer journey for some more than others, it is totally worth it in the long run, and that is why I am here to help you transition to healthy, natural curls.  

The Three S’s for transitioning to natural curly hair = Shea Moisture, Satin & Scrunchies:


Satin is material used to preserve your curls and prevent frizz (breakage) overnight. Ensure that you use either a satin bonnet, scarf or pillow when you sleep.

Due to its smooth texture, less friction is created between your curls and the surface you put your head on which protects your curls from any damage.

Click here to buy satin scarves, pillows and bonnets.


Scrunchies are preferable over the typical hair rubber bands due to the same concept of using a satin scarf or pillow. Swap your hair bands for scrunchies to get the most out of your curls.

Shea Moisture: 

Shea moisture is a curly hair brand which offers great products to help protect and encourage curls.

Shea moisture’s hair products were the first products I invested in  when I decided to start my curly hair journey.

Shea moisture’s shampoos and conditioners were perfect for my curls  because they were free from harmful chemicals that could damage my curls.  Click here to buy shea moisture products.

The Three D’s for transitioning to natural curly hair:

 Diffusers, Denman Brush, Deep Conditioners

Denman brush: 

The three D’s include; denman brush, deep conditioning and diffusers. The denman brush is the best brush that you will ever use in your entire life.

As we all know, it’s impossible to brush curly hair. That’s when the denman brush comes in.

The denman brush is manufactured to encourage curls to form because the teeth are set in parallel rows equally around the brush to reduce detangling time, encourage equal distribution and enhance curl definition.click here to see how to use a denman brush. click here to buy a denman brush.

best product for transitioning to curly hair.
The denman brush

Deep conditioning:

Deep conditioning is the key to having healthy curls, no matter how far you are in your curly hair journey.

Whether you’re only a month into transitioning or a year, deep conditioning is a must. It helped my hair repair so much faster and I can guarantee it works.

This is crucial if you want to see your hair transition to curly.

For transitioning hair, I strongly reccomend the ‘Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Conditioner’. Click here to find out how to deep condition. 

I advice you to buy this product as it helped smoothen and fasten your transitioning process. click here to buy it


 I wanted to encourage curl definition, so I opted for a diffuser (because my curls were quite loose). Remember to use your hairdryer on the coolest setting to prevent heat damage.

Click here to buy a great diffuser to help encourage curl definition and speed up the drying process.

Cotton T-shirt:

A 100% cotton T-shirt has a major effect on how efficient your hair care regime is. Use a cotton T-shirt to dry your hair when its wet.  A cotton tee is less harsh on your hair meaning it reduces the breakage and therefore reduces frizz in your hair. Wrap your hair in a cotton T-shirt when you come out of the shower or after a washday.

No Heat:

As you’ve probably guessed by now; heat is a big no no.

This means to stay away from straighteners, curlers and relaxers. I can’t remember the last time I straightened my hair. And it feels good!!!

This prevents damaging the pattern and the texture of your hair as it is harder to then achieve a moisturised, defined curl pattern with damaged curls which will help with your transitioning to curly hair adventure. 

Use protective styles to protect it from heat damage to get the best results such as the plop method. 

i know at first it’s hard to break away from your straightner because you depended on it for a very long time, trust me; I understand. However, now you are stronger and more confident in your natural curls.

Hair Products that help with transitioning to natural curly hair: 

products for transitioning to curly hair.

    I know this one may sound rather simple, but believe me it’s not. I’m not saying it’s difficult but you have to be extra – precautious with what products you use in your hair.

In order to have a smoothier transitioning process, you have to use products that are free from harmful chemicals that could damage your curls. 

These products are called; Curly- Girl Friendly Products.

They are free from silicone, paraffin, sodium and other harmful chemicals. An article published by Allure; 10 Commandments of Curly Hair explains that silicone, paraffin and sodium based chemicals are harmful for your hair and your curls.

These chemicals are too harsh for curls as it lifts the hair cuticles and causes it to frizz and dry up. In order to get the most out of your naturally curly hair and to transition faster; be careful with the type of products you use.

best products for transitioning to natural curly hair.
shea moisture packaging – curly girl approved.

I invested in Shea Moisture shampoo, conditioners and deep conditioners as well as their curl enhancing smoothie to start off with and it made a real difference to my hair, then I went on to use Cantu Products because they were stronger and my hair got used to these thick creamy products.

This helped my transition to natural curls as all these different products helped with definition and moisture as well as nourishing your hair. 

I was so excited because until then I didn’t think my hair could be salvaged.

They are also super affordable so you can look cute on a budget :))

List of Curly girl Friendly Brands:


chopping hair off for transitioning to curly hair.

Now this might sound scary but it’s really not.

Sometimes, we damage our hair excessively that the curls do not form, even after deep conditioning and using the correct products.

These pieces of hair that won’t curl or go into a pattern means it is damaged. The best thing to do in this scenario is to chop it off.

This allows more space for your new and healthy curls to grow and gives your hair a more healthier look and a quicker process for transitioning to natural curly hair.


1. Use a 100 % cotton t-shirt to dry your hair to reduce damage and breakage of your curls.

2. Ensure you are using either a satin bonnet pillow or scarf before you go to bed every single night.  This is to reduce frizz  and help the curls stay in place. Opt for a satin scrunchie to hold your hair up. 

3. only use products that are curly girl friendly( click here to find curly girl friendly products).

4. Use your denman brush to comb your hair when wet. Invest in a good deep conditioner (it doesn’t need to be expensive, the ones you can find in the drugstore work a treat. And use a diffuser on cool heat to encourage your curl pattern. 

5. stay away from heat.  you do not use a diffuser or hair dryer unless you absolutely need to.  Remember the less heat, the better. 

6. chop away any hair which you don’t see changing its pattern.

If you have curls in you know that you have a great responsibility as with great power comes great responsibility:)  This means you are going to have to take hair and pay attention to what you use in and on your hair.

I am super proud that you have decided to embrace your natural gorgeous curls instead of giving into society’s Eurocentric idea of ‘beautiful’.

Yes straight hair is cute but your curls are a gift from the heavens above to be embraced and celebrated. 

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Did you gain valuble advice? Is there anything else I could have spoken about ? Leave a comment and let me know.

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