Cantu Vs Shea Moisture – Comparison of Curls.

Cantu Vs Shea Moisture – Comparison of the Curls.

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Choosing the right hair products for your curls can be frusturating(trust me, I’ve been there). Some curly girls swear by Shea Moisture, whilst others swear by Cantu.

I’ve written this post to show you the key features, of Cantu Vs Shea Moisture products so you can see for yourself before you make a purchase.

Different hair products from different brands give us different results. Some of us want volumous, large curls, whilst others want elongated, defined and a more wetter look.

After experimenting with both Shea Moisture and Cantu, I decided it would be important for my darling curly-heads to also know the effects of each brand on the style of your curls and whether it’s the right fit for you. Below is an unbiased comparison of the curls; Cantu vs Shea Moisture.

As you can see, from the image below I’ve split my hair into half to give you a prominent visualisation of what Cantu products do to your curls, and what Shea Moisture does to your curls.

On the left I’ve applied Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling cream to wet hair and on the left I’ve applied Cantu Curling Custard to my wet hair.

Cantu Vs Shea Moisture
Shea Moisture (left) Vs Cantu (right) side by side comparison


Distinct Differences of Cantu Vs Shea Moisture: 

Shea Moisture (left) created a more finer, defined, separated curl pattern/style whereas Cantu (right) gave me a more clumped, volumous, looser curl pattern. After a few hours; I noticed that my hair became more frizzer on the left side in comparision to the right side.

What Is Shea Moisture? 

Shea Moisture; founded by Sierra Leone’s Sofi Tucker was a pioneering entreprenur who started of selling Shea butter and Black African Soap. Soon after, she started making and selling her homemade skin and hair products which is infamously known as Shea Moisture today. Loved by millions, Shea Moisture is brand which specialises in curly hair products for all curl types ranging from 4c coils to 2b waves. Click here to find out more about curl types.

Free from Sulphates, Paraffin, Parabens, Pthalates, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colour and Petroleum; the inexpensive Shea Moisture products can be found at almost any drug store/ beauty shop in North America, Europe and Africa and even online on Amazon. As they’re many curly hair brands in the world; this post is intended to help you decide if Shea Moisture is suitable for you.

What Is Cantu? 

Cantu is a beauty company founded in 1936 by George B Long with the intention to embrace natural hair. Cantu offer a range of products that help define curls, control frizz and many more properties in order to help those take care and fully nourish their natural hair.

Cantu can be found in almost any drug store in Europe and North America at a relatively inexpensive price making it accessible to all most everyone.

Free from harmful chemicals, Cantu is a much known and celebrated hair & beauty company (especially amongst those with curly hair) and today I’ll be highlighting some of its key features.

Definition of Curls: Cantu Vs Shea Moisture: 

Both products defined the curls but in different ways. Shea Moisture made the curls singular, in strands and tighter and lighter coils. 

Cantu defined the curls in a different way – larger curls clumped together, still well defined, however gave my curls a looser, heavier curl pattern.

My curls are 3a with 2c waves in it weighing more on the finer side in composed to thick volumptious curls. However, with different products I can achieve this look and if you are trying to achieve more volume and larger spirals then I would reccomend Cantu.

Volume of Curls: Cantu Vs Shea Moisture: 

As mentioned above, Cantu clumps the curls together; creating a more larger curl pattern and therefore making the hair appear bigger and thicker. Whereas Shea Moisture made the curls tinner and extremely thin making the hair appear thinner, lighter and more on the wispier side.

My hair felt heavier on the right side (cantu) compared to the left side (Shea Moisture) where my hair was relatively light. If you’d like more tips on how to volumise your curls click here!

Frizz Control: Cantu Vs Shea Moisture: 

Now onto frizz, the most anticipated moment; which side had more control ?

3-5 hours post-styling, my hair on the left side (Shea Moisture) become very frizzy toward the top of my head as the curls were not clumped together when styled with Shea Moisture but as individual strands.

This left lots of frizz to accumulate (to not get confused with volume), whereas with Cantu, the frizz was relatively controlled and the volume of my curls remained prominent.

Scent: Cantu Vs Shea Moisture: 

In terms of scent, both smell amazing in their own way. Shea Moisture has a more sweet smell which made you almost want to eat it 🙂 whereas Cantu had a very coconutty smell which smelt fresh and clean like you’ve just stepped out of the shower.

However, as I promise to remain integrious to my lovely audience, I must highlight the fact that Cantu caused my scalp to itch a little (not extremely), which made me wonder whether it has any synthetic perfumes or chemicals in it that has the potential to damage my head and curls.

Some of us are more sensitive to stronger scents, smells and chemicals, and as I’m more on the sensitive side, it caused my scalp to feel rather irritated for the first half an hour after applying it into my hair. After that, the irritation stopped.

If you are someone who’s more on the sensitive side (like me), I feel it’s important that you know of this side effect as I want to only recommend the best and safest products to you. It wasn’t an extreme reaction, just some light itchiness which went away after a while.

Conclusion: Cantu Vs Shea Moisture: 



table of comparision: Cantu Vs Shea Moisture
Table of comparision: Cantu Vs Shea Moisture



You can purchase your own Cantu Curling Custard here from Amazon. 






You can purchase your own Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie. 

Below are some customer reviews on amazon of other people who have used and reviewed this product so I can help you make the right decision.


In conclusion, I can’t choose between the two as they both have their strengths and weaknesses. I love all of my curly hair products equally as they all contribute to my curls in their own unique, separate ways and if you decide that you like them both too, then there’s nothing wrong in using both of them.

Results may vary depending on numerous factors such as curl type, porosity, senstivity, allergies etc. I wanted to show you how it came out on my curls so you can get an honest, unbiased review on the 2 brands. Let me know in the comment section which one you think is best for you and any other comparsion of curl brands you’d like me to do.


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