Best deep conditioners for 3a-3b curls:

One thing all curly girls want is a great deep conditioner. A good deep conditioner makes all the difference when styling and sets you up for an amazing wash day.

I’ve come up with a list of amazing deep conditioners that are perfect for type 3a-3b curls.

Do I have type 3 curls?: 

If you are still unsure as to what curl type you have, then that’s okay!! It’s more than normal to have more than one different curl pattern in your hair making it very confusing as to which curl type you fall under. Take a look at the image below to see which resembles your curls the most.

  • Type 3a has curls about the circumference of a chalk and sometimes takes the shape of an ’s’ which is typically known as loose curls.
  • Type 3b has curls about the circumference of a sharpie and appears more tighter and ‘curlier’ then 3a curls,  producing ringlets.
  • Type 3c has curls about the circumference of a pencil and takes the shape of a tight corkscrew.

It’s pretty difficult to generalise the characteristics of type 3a-3b curls as all curls are unique however it’s common for those with type 3a-3b curls (like me) to experience dryness and slight frizz.

Whether you need moisture or protein, suffer from hydral fatigue, have curls on the thinner or thicker side read on because here is a list of deep conditioners that you can use to amplify the beauty of your 3a-3b curls no matter what your needs are.

Manuka & Honey Shea Moisture – for protein.

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt deep conditioner.

For my girls lacking protein (click here to see more), this deep conditioning mask is perfect for you.

A thick and richly nourishing mask perfect for those who need some protein. Not to mention it smells amazing. Packed with protein from the manuka honey and yogurt this deep conditoner has to be my favourite source of protein for my curls.

3a-3b curls are textured so t’s important to ensure that your curls have a healthy amont of protein in order to be healthy & nourished.

With 3a-3b curls, we can sometimes forget that we need protein as well as moisture as our curly hair requires both. With this luscious & sweet smelling deep conditioner you can be sure that your 3a-3b curls are well taken care of.

Click here to purchase it for £19.00

To find out more about deep conditioning click here for your ultimate guide to deep conditioning.

Naturalicious moroccan Rhassoul 5-1 clay – for looser or thinner curls

Naturaliscious Morrocan Rhassoul 5-1 clay deep conditioner.

This naturaliscious morrocan rhassoul 5-1 clay is perfect for my girls with looser or thinner 3a-3b curls. 3a curls can sometimes be on the looser side and those with 3a curls might relate to me when I say that my curls get weighed down with thick and heavy products and I unfortunately loose my natural curl pattern.

As someone who has loose 3a curls, this moroccan clay mask works wonders as it doesn’t weigh my hair down leaving me with perfect spirals whilst deeply conditioning my hair.

If you have looser 3a-3b curls like me and notice that your curls tend to flatten/stretch out with heavy products, then you should definiately try out the Naturalisicious Morrocan Rhassoul 5-1 clay mask.

Coco & Eve Like a virgin super nourishing coconut & fig for taming frizz

You may have heard of the Coco&Eve like a virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig mask and I’m here to tell you that it is an amazing deep conditioner for type 3a-3b curls. Due to the nature of type 3a-3b curls, this mask is great for controlling frizz. One of my biggest struggles with my curls is trying to control the frizz. This Coco&Eve mask is truly one of my favourite masks on this list as it smoothes out my hair leaving my curls soft and shiny.

Click here to purchase it for $39

Raw Shea butter shea butter for dry hair.

Deep conditioning mask from Shea Moisture.

This was my first ever deep conditioning mask I tried when I was transitoning to curly hair (click here for more on transitioning to curly hair) and since the moment I used it, I fell in love.

A mask suitable for my 3a-3b type curly girls who want to rid dry, brittle hair. This deep condtioner is a classic and beloved by many curly girls across the world. If you want to thoroughly deep condition and nourish your curls in the way nature intented to then look no further because this mask is truly great.

When you’re unsure as to what to use in your hair, go for this Raw Shea Butter deep treatment masque because there’s no doubt that your curls will feel hydrated and smell great.

Click here to purchase it for $18.00

Olaplex hair perfecter No.3 for damaged curls.

My type 3 girls wil love this No.3 deep conditioner especially if they’ve put their curls under chemical damage in the past.

We’ve all tried doing something to our hair whether its dying it or getting treatments because let’s be honest, dying our type 3 curls looks beautiful but it ends up damaging our curls. Luckily, there’s the Olaplex Hair Perfector which repairs and strengthens your curls.

The Olaplex Hair Perfector contains no silicones making it curly-girl friendly. This deep conditioning treatment works by using chemicals that links broken disulfide bonds in the hair caused by chemical damage & thus strengthens your curls.

If you’re a curly girl who loves to dye her hair or has had damaging treatments in the past like me, then this treatment/mask is perfect for you.

Click here to purchase it for $28.00.

In conclusion:

They’re many different deep conditioners which serve our type 3a-3b curls different purposes. Not to mention that all curls are unique and some people require deep conditioners tailored to their wants and needs.

This post was written to help you chose the right deep conditioner for you. Sometimes, the deep conditioners we see on the internet are too heavy and thick for our loose curls, and sometimes they’re not enough to help define our curls.

Type 3a-3b curls are special and unique in their own way and as someone who’s struggles with finding the correct products that will help nourish my curls, I thought that this list would help a fellow type 3a-3b curly girl with similar problems.

Let me know in the comment section below if I missed anything and if there’s something you want me to include.

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