Fall 2021 Trends we’re loving:

The biggest collection of the year in the fashion world: Fall 2021.

What we see on the runway dictates what trends we’ll see in high street stores such as Zara and H&M, online retailers such as Boohoo & Fashionova to what we’ll see in magazines & on social media.

Once we see it on the runway, influencers and celebrities will be mercilessly rocking these trends and the media will consume it.

Who doesn’t want to be prepared for when these trends take us by storm and claim the title as a trendsetter & icon whilst everyone is busy trying to purchase a beige knitted sweater for fall?

The transition between summer (summer 2021) to fall clothes is highly anticipated and swift so catch the trends of the fall 2021 collection here in this post so you can own this fall!

Fall 2021 is all about bright solid colours:


When you think of fall, don’t you see the colours beige, brown, tan, white and black? And in every store you see heaps of sweaters in these neutral tones?

That was the truth for many of us for a long time (ahem Kim K we’re looking at you) but this fall 2021 is giving me hope for a brighter future.

Designers did not come to play this autumn as all over the runway we noticed how luxury brands are bringing solid bright colours BACK into fashion!

Brands such as Off White to Prada saw that models walk the runway in the brightest & most solid colours and I love it.

A trend once infamous in the 70s & 80s make a comeback in fall 2021.

We can’t wait to switch out our neutral brown tones to vibrant oranges, yellows, blues, greens & pinks!

Loose denim is IN this Fall 2021.

Blogger wearing a loose denim ripped jeans, bomber leather jacket & leather shirt.
Blogger wearing loose denim jeans with a sweater, shirt, louis vuitton pochette & boots.
Zara model wearing loose denim jeans.
Calvin Klein loose denim jeans.

Say goodbye to skinny jeans and welcome loose denim jeans. Once famous in the 90s, these loose denim jeans are back and here to stay for the fall 2021.

Buy a pair of loose denim jeans from your favourite clothing store such as Zara or online.

Knitted Printwear – newest addition to Fall fashion:

jonathan cohen

One particularly eye-catching and unique trend that we’re going to see a lot of is knitted fashion. Of course every fall/autumn we see knitted fashion but this year’s a little different.

Fashion brands have decided to switch things up with knitted fashion this year as we see prints and designs on their pieces.

Not only has the runway been enriched with printed knitwear but so has our high street stores.

zara knitted sweater with animal print.
Knitted cardigan from Stradivarius in animal print.

Flares for Fall 2021:

Flares are back in fashion and I couldn’t be happier. I love flares and I cannot wait to rock them this fall.

You can find flares at your nearest store either online or on the high street.

Vogue magazine.


In conclusion,

The trends we’ll see this year are slightly abstract and rather vintage.

From flares & bright solid colours from the 70’s & 80’s to loose denim jeans from the 90s and knitted printed sweaters which are unique and artistic. 

Vogue, the runway, fashion brands, high street stores & online retaliers have consumed these trends and we cannot wait to see you rocking them!

What’s your favourite trend from this post and which one would you pass on? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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