Don’t make these 5 mistakes if you want Shiny & Glossy Curls.

Don’t make these 5 mistakes if you want Shiny & Glossy Curls.

I’ll tell you why your curls aren’t as glossy & shiny as you want them to be. I’ve got these 5 tips that you can use today that’ll rid those dull & frizzy curls.

After loads of trial and error with different brands & products, I’ve proven what products and tips work best at achieving those perfectly moisturised curls.

I’ve even made sure that you don’t get a crunchy, stiff feel to your curls. Frizzy, dull curls are out & glossy, shiny curls are in so let us begin!

1. Sleep on Silk:

Sleeping on silk pillowcase plays an important part in keeping your hair shiny.

Don’t believe me? Try it and see the difference.

After sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night, my hair took a dramatic turn from being frizzy and dry to glossy and shiny.  If you desire those glossy, shiny curls, you’ll need to be extremely careful with materials you use on your curls.

Your curls are like your children.

Children need nourishment and tenderness to help them grow. Take great care of your gorgeous mane by only using soft materials on them.

The silk material reduces frizz and friction when being rubbed against.  Throw away your cotton pillowcases, elastic rubber-bands, bonnets and scarves and switch to silk.






Click here for satin silk bonnets, on Amazon. Click here for satin pillowcases on amazon.


2. You might be using the wrong shampoo: 

Do you know what’s the major key to keeping your hair shiny? It’s using sulphate-free shampoos. If you’re new here, this website is all for sulphate-free shampoos check out 5 amazing tips for transitioning to natural curls for more on sulfates.

To use sulfate-contained products is considered a sin amongst the curly-hair community. But why are we so anti-sulfate?

Sulfate-shampoos tend to strip away your scalps natural oils leaving your hair dry and full of frizz which is not what we want – AT ALL!

Using Sulfate-free-shampoos allows you to effectively cleanse your scalp without stripping away all the oils your hair needs in to achieve shiny, glossy curls.

If you’re wondering as to what shampoos are curly girl friendly (sulfate-free & great for curly hair), then look at the table below.

sulfate-free shampoos that are great for shiny & glossy curls
The best shampoos for shiny & glossy hair





Click here for Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo: $8.69 on Amazon 


Click here for Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly wash: $10.99 on Amazon. 



Click here for Cantu Cleansing shampoo: $4.99 on Amazon. 



Click here for Not Your Mother Curl Talk shampoo & conditioner: $26.95 on Amazon. 


3. You’re probably overlooking this one ingredient that’s the key to shiny & glossy curls: 

Perhaps one of the most underrated product, and perhaps one of the greatest; coconut oil is the star of todays show.

Do you know why I love coconut oil so much ?

It’s because it is completely natural, helps nourishes your hair whilst giving your curls a glossy shiny coat.  Majority of products you and I normally use contain many artificial substances and harmful chemicals which isn’t good for you in the long run whereas using coconut oil does the complete opposite.

This isn’t to say that other products are harmful, it’s the fact that they’re not naturally produced neither contribute to the health of your curls in the same way coconut oil does.

How do I use coconut oil to make it shiny and glossy? 

  1. When your hair is completely dry (after your styling routine) add droplets to the ends of your hair (where your curls lack moisture).
  2.  Apply half a pea size (depending on whether it is thick or fine) into your palms.
  3. Rub your hands together so it melts and using the praying hands method, lightly coat your curls without raking your fingers through.

A bonus tip: Apply it to your ends during your night time routine to help growth and nourishment overnight.

why coconut oil gives you shiny & glossy curls
5 benefits of coconut oil on hair

click here to purchase coconut oil on amazon. 


4.Throw out those harsh towels for a more glossy & shiny look: 

You must invest in a microfibre towel and you’ll reap the benefits. Microfibre towels changed the game for curly girls all over the world as its sole purpose was to prevent frizz whilst drying it and boy oh boy does it work !!

Microfibre towels are engineered to preventage breakage from excessive drying that normally occurs when using a normal towel. If you’re ready to have glossy, shiny curls, then you’re going to want to ditch the harsh towel and invest in a microfibre towel.

Click here for a microfibre towel. £7.43 on Amazon. 


5. Your gels are basic and not giving you the shine you need. 

You must finish off your styling routine with a gel like product in order to get those glossy shiny curls. Creams play ineffective when it comes to achieving frizz-less curls – which is not what you want.

So, use gel-like products such as the Shea Moisture soufflè curling gel, Eco-gel or the Oribe Curl Gloss.

Let me introduce you to the Oribe Curl Gloss…

Oribe Curl Gloss is a light-weight gel that creates definition and gloss whilst hydrating your hair. It provides a soft, natural hold, whilst controlling frizz, giving your curls brilliant shine.

The oribe curl gloss is most suitable for you if you want to transform your curls from dry and frizzy to glossy and shiny.

If you haven’t heard of Oribe Curl Gloss; it’s a curly-girl approved product which focuses on adding shine and gloss to your curls without leaving a cast or a crunch.

Oribe Curl Gloss can be on the more expensive side however based of my experience; Oribe Curl Gloss is totally worth it as it gave me exactly what I wanted; a glossy, shiny finish.

Click here for Oribe Curl gloss.  $42.00 on Amazon. 


Cheaper alternatives to the Oribe Curl Gloss gel are the Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle

 Click here for Shea Moisture Curling Gel Soufflé.   £7.46 on Amazon. 

Click here for Eco-gel Krystal. £13.49 on Amazon.

Both Eco-gel & Shea Moisture create definition and shine to your curls however based on personal experience, both can sometimes cause flaking. Oribe Products tend to be very pricey so if you’re on a budget then these are great options.

Ok, now what’s next?

If you are serious about transforming your curls into gorgeous, glossy & shiny locks then I want you to look at all your shampoos & conditioners and check for sulphates, switch from a normal towel to a microfibre towel, sleep only on silk pillowcases, incorporate coconut oil into your hair routine and lastly, use great CG-approved hair products such as Oribe Curl Gloss.

With these tips I’ve just taught you; you’ll be able to notice a transformation in the presentation of the shiny-ness of your curls.

Invest your time and effort into these products and habits and watch yourself turn into the glossy, shiny goddess you’ve always dreamt of being.

Are there any tips that I’ve missed out on? Or maybe you want to share a few of your own? Try out these 5 tips and let me know in the comment section if you’ve seen a difference in the shine of your curls.


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