How to get waterproof makeup for beach /pool days.

How to get waterproof makeup beach /pool days.

It’s the season for pool parties and trips to the beach, and we all have one question; how do you get your makeup to stay whilst swimming?

The truth is you don’t have to sacrifice wearing makeup & looking cute for the sake of water activities and I have many ways in which you can have waterproof makeup, along with amazing waterproof products perfect for pool parties & beach days out.

As someone who loves going to beaches and swimming the ocean I can share some great tips on how to make your makeup waterproof for the summer.

1. Always wear SPF before applying your waterproof makeup: 

Wearing SPF is a must especially on those sunny days. SPF not only protects you from the sun (read here) but it also gives you a great base for your waterproof makeup.

As you prepare to sit in the sun for endless hours make sure that you apply SPF to prevent skin blemishes and wrinkles as well as skin cancer.

2. Ditch the foundation – Use a concealer

This might be hard for some of you but I am a firm believer in ditching foundation for concealer when you’re in water. This is because if you’re using a thick foundation, it makes your face look cakey and ends up looking very clumpy (based of past experiences) and you’ll experience a lot of build up.

Use a thin concealer such as the Fit Me concealer by maybeline (click here to read reviews). This excellent concealer is light-weight whilst providing amazing coverage.

Use your concealer to conceal any blemishes and dark circles for a flawless look and lock it all in with setting powder.

3.Your setting powder is key to waterproof makeup: 

Your setting powder will lock it in place after applying your concealer.

A great setting powder goes a long way in making sure your makeup lasts even when you’re in water therefore using a setting powder when applying your makeup is vital.

A personal favourite of mine and loved by many is the Laura Mercier translucent powder as it does as it keeps my concealer in place when I go swimming in the ocean..

4. Use gel based products on your eyebrows and for your eyeliner

Contrary to the point I made above, I wouldn’t use powder based products to style your eyebrows and draw on your eyeliner when you go swimming as it washes away.

I prefer to use gel based products on my eyebrows and for my eyeliner to keep it in place.

Waterproof eyeliner Mac Cosmetics

My favourite gel eyeliner is the Mac cosmetics 24-hour liquid last waterproof-liner as it literally doesn’t move for 24 hours and doesn’t wash away with water. This makes it great for swimming and beach days!

Glossier boy brow gel in shade black

A great gel brow product is the Glossier Boy brow which I absolutely love. I’ve gotten away with not plucking my eyebrows and recieving so many compliments thanks to this product!

5. Use waterproof mascara 

Similar to the point made above; a waterproof masacara is perfect for any type of water activity as it won’t smudge or smear leaving you looking polished with black curly eyelashes.:)

Waterproof mascara Black Lash 3D Mac cosmetics

My go-to waterproof mascara is the Mac Cosmetics waterproof mascara in the shade 3D black. This stubborn mascara is perfect for pool parties and beach days.

Now you don’t have to be afraid that you might look like a raccoon when you go swimming due to this masacara’s waterproof properties.

6. Kat Von D setting spray – the waterproof setting spray

Kat Von D waterproof Setting spray Lock-In

You may have heard about this setting spray before but if you haven’t – I’m here to tell you how amazing it is for those days at the beach or pool.

The Kat Von D Lock-it setting spray is waterproof meaning your makeup will stay on in extreme conditions such as in the heat or in the pool.

The Kat Von D lock-it spray is a perfect finish to your makeup because of it’s waterproof properties making it the right setting spray for water activities.

7. Maybelline lipstick – for smudge-free waterproof lipstick

A great lipstick that will last when swimming in water in my opinion is the waterproof Maybelline Superstay Matte Lipstick Ink as it doesn’t come off in water and stays on for such a long time. Click here to see the full review!


In conclusion:

  1. Always wear SPF as it not only protects you from harmful rays but gives you a glowing base.
  2. Ditch the foundation & stick with concealer.
  3. Set using a waterproof powder
  4. Use gel to style brows and draw eyeliner.
  5. Use a good waterproof mascara
  6. Use a great waterproof setting spray such as the Kat Von D Lock-In spray.
  7. Use a waterproof lipstick such as the Maybelline Superstay Matte Lipstick.

And that’s all for how to get waterproof makeup! Now you’re all ready for those summer days in the pool and at the beach. Have fun & let me know which tip helped you the most or if you’d like to add anymore great pieces of advice to help make our makeup waterproof.

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