How To Grow Healthy Longer Curls: 5 Tips

The health of your hair is a strong reflection on how you take care of yourself. Your hair will tell you if you’re recieving enough vitamins and nutrients so it’s important that you take hair-care seriously in order to truly shine and reach a new state of health. This post is all about how to grow healthy longer curls.

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Trim Your Hair:

As ironic as this might sound; you may want to consider trimming your hair. This is to allow the old and damaged hair (typically found at the ends of the hair) to move out and allow space for new and healthy hair to grow.

Accepting that your hair is damaged and understanding that you need trim it in order to get a healthier look and feel is the first step towards achieving healthy, long curls. But remember to ask your hairdresser to trim the ends of your hair to get rid of old, overprocessed and damaged hair.

Avoid Using Colours:

Stay away from dye as chemically processing your hair damages it and causes it to look dry and brittle which is the opposite of what we’re trying to go for. Go natural for a few months and see the difference in health. Embrace your natural hair and you’ll see how your hair shines.

Use Protective Styles When Sleeping:

Satin is material used to preserve your curls and prevent frizz (breakage) overnight. Ensure that you use either a satin bonnet, scarf or pillow when you sleep. Due to its smooth texture, less friction is created between your curls and the surface you put your head on which protects your curls from any damage. Click here to buy satin scarves, pillows and bonnets.


Try To Use Less Heat:

Use less heat when drying or styling your hair. This means to no.1: ditch the hairstraightner and no.2 use the diffuser less. Heat affects the health of your hair. From my own experience; heat damaged my hair so badly that I lost the curl pattern and it created more frizz. If you would like to find out more about transitioning; Click here.

Try to avoid using a diffuser unless you absolutely have to. When using a diffuser; ensure to use it on its lowest heat to avoid damaging your hair. Heat damage dries and breaks your hair as well as your curls so this is an important step you cannot afford to miss. Try to air dry your hair as much as you can before using a diffuser.


Take Multivitamins:

As previously mentioned; your hair is a reflection of how well you take care of your body and what you consume. Taking multivitamins help not only grow your hair, but thicken it and creates shine. This is vital in order to gain healthy curls. By taking multivitamins your giving your hair the nourishment and hydration it needs; in order to reach a new state of health. There are many vitamins you can take but a few which have worked for me are the:

  • Cod liver oil tablets
  • Vitabiotics vitamin D
  • Wellwoman/men/teens

(you can find these at your local drugstore or pharmacy). Consult your doctor or a pharmacist before taking any medication.

In Conclusion:

Anyway babygirls, hope this post helped yall’s with your curls and thank you for reading it.

just kidding 🙂

Use less heat, avoid using colour, use protective styles, get a trim and make sure to take your vitamins. I urge you to try these tips out and you’ll see results. Try it out for yourself and let me know in the comment section below:


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