3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Curls Whilst You Sleep

Your curls must be taken care for; even whilst you sleep. This is because overnight; your curls will flatten out and lose definition(frizz) if not put into a protective style. To prevent loss of curl definition and frizz overnight, follow these 3 easy steps on how to protect your curls overnight.

Before, I would wake up every morning to a head full of flattened out, frizzy (loss of definition) curls. Below is a list on how to protect your curls whilst you sleep, so you can wake up feeling accomplished every morning:).

I can’t think of a better way to start the day then with perfect, untouched defined curls. So read on to find out how to protect your curls whilst you sleep:)

1. Put your hair into a pineapple.

Putting your hair in a pineapple is a great way to hold the hair in place when sleeping. when we sleep; we move around a lot and our hair tends to rub against harsh materials such as the pillow case and bed sheet. This friction causes frizz and means that you would have to re-do your whole curly hair routine again, the next morning. So to make sure your hair is not rubbing against any hard materials; put it into a pineapple. A pineapple is a hairstyle in which all your hair (curls) sit at the top of your head. A way to achieve this hairstyle is by titling your head forward gathering all your hair in the front of your face. Put all your hair onto the top of your head and tie it up using a satin scrunchie.

2. Use A Satin Scrunchie

A satin scrunchie is preffered over a normal hair band. This is also done to decrease frizz. Satin is a material that is soft meaning it doesn’t cause any friction when hair is touching it. It simply just slides off it.


3. Use a Satin Bonnet, Pillow or Scarf

A satin bonnet is a great way if not the most popular way to protect your curls overnight. In addition to wearing the pineapple hairdo, the satin bonnet is worn over it whilst your sleeping for extra protection. This is to make sure that your curls are only touching satin at all times and are not rubbing against any harsh materials and causing frizz or losing curl definition.


Another alternative to the satin bonnet is the satin pillow. The most comfortable out of the three, however not the most effective, the satin pillow is great for keeping your curls protected overnight and defined.


The satin scarf is another popular way to protect your curls overnight, but requires a little more effort. It also looks super cute when on so that’s even better. 🙂 Fold the satin scarf in a triangular shape and tie it around the front of your head. Open the triangle so it reaches over the pineapple and tuck into the top part where the knot is. There are many different ways to wrapping a satin scarf, you just have to find the one right for you.


In conclusion, none of the styles mentioned above are better than the other and it all comes down to they way you want it! It depends on which one your more comfortable with and many other factors. I can assure you that these protective techniques for sleeping are all effective and help with preserving the shape and style of your curls. If you would like to know how to refresh 2nd day curls; click here.
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