Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review:

Does it work? Will it really hide my flaws, redness, blemishes & dark circles? How long does it last? Will it come in my skintone? Does it give me a dramatic look or a natural one ? Will it make my undereyes look grey? All of your questions that you may not even know you had about the maybelline fit me concealer. This post is to help you decide if this is the concealer for you. Read on to find out more!!

What is Maybelline?

Maybelline New York is a US global cosmetics brand selling makeup, skincare & fragrances. Its relatively inexpensive & infamous products is what makes Maybelline a drugstore favourite. Known worldwide for their mascara, Maybelline introduced their concealer line and in today blog I am going to review it to give you a clearer understanding of the product.

Image of Gigi Hadid using Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

What it claims to do:

The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer claims to conceal redness, blemishes & flaws to give a natural coverage look. The oil-free concealers match your skin tone to give a more natural look. The focus of this concealer is to give a natural look without stating how long it lasts.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

First impression:

Wearing Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 

The product bottle is slim and rectangular so at first I wonder if it has enough product in it to last me a good amount of time. I see that there is a range of shades ranging from fair to dark meaning it’s quite diverse compared to other concealer brands. I wonder if it will suit my skin tone & my undertone which has been a struggle in the past.

The applicator is a thin, small soft chisel tipped sponge-like texture attached to a long stick making it easier to apply product to the under eye & gives you more control when applying it onto your face. It’s a lot more on the liquid side then creamier and seems to match my skin tone perfectly. So far; Impressed. It’s liquid-like texture makes me wonder if it’s not going to conceal my dark circles well. Once I’ve tried it on, I see how easy it is to build it up. After applying it to my face; It seems to match my skin tone & offer medium coverage to my under-eyes. It gives me a more natural look & doesn’t make me look cakey.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review


As previously mentioned; it is more on liquid-like light side rather than creamy & rich. In terms of texture; I can happily say it does what it claims and has a liquid texture. This is great for someone with dry skin as it doesn’t crumble under the eyes (which has happened previously to me). Don’t be alarmed by it’s liquid texture if you have dark circles. This is easily buildable so it ends up looking natural whilst covering dark circles.

Although Maybelline doesn’t include dark circles in its benefits; it sure conceals them. However; the concealer can go into your pores if you do not use a good primer. It’s liquid texture is what makes it able to blend so well into the skin and look so natural.

This can be a pro or a con depending on the look you’re going for. If natural & everyday use is what you’re going for then this is the concealer for you! If more dramatic & heavy makeup is what you are going for then this may not be the right concealer for you. To see other concealers; click here.


At first; I mentioned how sceptical I was about the colour/shade of the concealer & wondered if it was going to match my skin tone & undertones. Then I did some swatching and was over-the-moon when it finally matched my skin tone.

Most concealers tend to be much brighter under the eyes (which is great) but for someone who has dark circles & was going for a natural look; I needed one that matched my skin tone without making me look to orange or too ashy. To see other great concealers; click here!

Using this concealer is great for everyday use as it gives your face a bit more life and makes you look more awake. The best thing about this concealer is how it matches both your skin tone & undertones and comes in so many different shades. So in terms of shades; this concealer definitely wins.


In terms of price; I would say that this is definitely worth it. It’s super inexpensive which doesn’t at all mirror the quality of the product at all. The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer retails for only £6 making it relatively inexpensive compared to other concealers. In terms of price; this concealer also wins.

How Long does it stay on:

Maybelline doesn’t claim this concealer to be long wear & that’s unfortunately true. After about 4-5 hours; it tends to move and slightly comes off. In terms of how long it stays on; the concealer doesn’t win.

Does it Work:

The concealer does what it says what Maybelline claims it does in the sense that it is covers blemishes & redness whilst giving a very natural look. I cannot tell you how many people tell me my skin is great when all it is is a couple of layers of this Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

I love how natural it looks whilst covering your flaws as it serves a close match to your skin. It’s more than possible to conceal your dark circles with this concealer as it is very buildable.

It’s easily purchasable due to its low prices and accessibility in nearest drugstores. It is also easy to apply and can be blended into the skin using either a makeup sponge or your finger!!

How to use it

  1. First, apply primer to your face & around your eyes
  2. Then, using your applicator; form a little triangle under your eyes with your concealer.
  3. Get a damp beauty blender & using the pointed bit and press it into the skin under the eye carefully not to damage your eye but to ensure the concealer is blended.
  4. The beauty of this concealer is that it can be built up so you can determine how natural you want your makeup to look, so don’t be afraid to use more than one layer.
  5. Set using your favourite banking powder.

And Voila ! Instantly transformed your face!!



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