The Guide to Looking Classy & Stylish this Winter for the Not-So Fashionista’s – 6 Must-Know Tips.

The 6 Must-Know Tips to look Classy and Stylish this Winter – Even If You’re not the Most Fashion-forward Person.

Looking stylish and classy in winter time, especially if you don’t usually give much importance to what you wear as long as you’re warm can be somewhat confusing.

All these Insta-bloggers and influences have their own personal style (which is great) but how do you know what clothes make you look classy whilst staying extremely stylish?

Living in London has taught me how to dress stylish and classy whilst staying warm in the winter months.

Here is a list of all the things I would reccomend you have in your closet in order to elevate your style.

(p.s; the following is just my views on this look. These aren’t rules, fashion is extremely subjective on what we find stylish. The most important thing is that you are confident in what you wear as that is what makes a great outfit)


Leather gloves

Leather gloves are beloved by some of our most stylish women. Black leather gloves are worn by Gucci models, influences and even the legendary fashionista; Blair Waldorf.

Wear this with a blazer or a long coat of your choice!



Short Neutral-toned Nails:

Short nails give off the impression that you’re well polished.

Darker nudes such as the second image are gorgeous winter tones that you can rock this winter to co-exist with the dark weather.

Darker neutral tones like greys are also very sophisticated.

Although the colour palatte seem limited; you’d be amazed at how many shades of nudes, purples and neutral tones fit the look you’re going for.



Trench/Long Coats



Where can I start with trench coats? The one coat that EVERY-one needs in their closet.

Trench coats will always be in style – I mean they have been since the 1870s.

A classic trench coat poses elegance, class and style. Wearing trench coats is one of the many things I look forward to every winter.

A trench coat – of what ever style, brand and colour is an evergreen fashion statement.

You don’t need to break the bank and spend thousands on a Burberry or Max Marra, they’re tons of lovely cheaper ones.

Wear your trench/long coat over a dress, jeans, jumper/sweater, trousers.

Pair it with boots, any heels of your choice such as pumps. A trench coat is extremely versatile and elevates any look. 


Cashmere & Wool scarves. 

Cashmere & wool scarves are a staple piece in winter fashion. Worn by many influencial people ; a cashmere or wool scarf seals the outfit. Wear neutral tones to make a statement.

Pair you scarf with your favourite coat – what ever that may be and see your outfit transform!


Heeled Boots


You don’t have to sacrafice warmth for style – why not have both?

Heel boots – The perfect shoes for you this winter. Heel boots are everything – especially for girls on the shorter side (like me :).

Heels are great for enhancing your curves and has the power of making the way you walk more attractive to others.

Boots were made for the colder days so who’s to say you can’t look classy whilst staying warm.

Exert confidence and class when walking with heel boots.

Pair your boot heels with trousers or a dress and strut like nobody’s watching:)


Knitted Cashmere & Knitted sweaters.

Knitted cashmere & knitted sweaters scream class. This gorgeous design is what sets defines style and class.

Pair your knitted sweater with jeans, trousers or a dress of your choice.


In conclusion

  1. Wear your nails very short and neutral toned.
  2. Knitted sweaters keep you warm and stylish during winter
  3. Leather gloves complete the entire look keeping you looking extremly fashionable whilst protecting your hands.
  4. Heel boots accentuate your winter look, you’ll be warm and classy.
  5. Cashmere/wool scarves are staple pieces in a classic winter look.
  6. A trench coat poses elegance, class and style and elevates your outfit.

As I mentioned above; we may have different opinions on what we find classy or stylish:) These aren’t rules to follow just tips to help you if you needed some guidance. It would mean a lot if you could comment what you think of this and if you have anything you’d like to add or take away! I love hearing new ideas and tips on certain styles!

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