The hottest sunglasses of the season – Spring/Summer

The hottest sunglasses of the season – Spring/Summer

As summer is approaching, we all want to know what the hottest sunglasses of the season are.

We must always be on our A-game when it comes to choosing the right accessories to go with our outfits, one of the important ones being our sunglasses in the summer months.

The spring/summer season collection from various brands leaves us spoilt for choice. From basic black shades to vibrant and flashy designs, these designers did not come to play.

Here are the hottest sunglasses of the season – Spring/Summer collection.

The hottest sunglasses for casual-wear: 

These sunglasses will elevate your look whilst running errands or carrying out casual activities.

These infamous basic yet highly glamorous large sunglasses are so iconic that brands such as Chanel and Tiffany&Co. continue to release them every year.

If you’re looking for sunglasses that you can wear with almost every outfit all summer-round then these Chanel sunglasses are the way to go.

chanel sunglasses of the season
Square Sunglasses from Chanel
Chanel Sunglasses of the season
Chanel Butterfly Sunglasses.
chanel sunglasses.
chanel square sunglasses in the shade white & grey.

Sunglasses with with a pop of colour: 

Blue sunglasses are the epitome of a classy summer.

Representing the sea, Dior takes a completely different direction with these gold framed blue lensed sunglasses colliding with a boat themed aesthetic.

dior sunglasses.
Dior Sunglasses Blue lense Gold frame

These white Louis Vuitton link square sunglasses completes a summer outfit and brings a pop of colour to any outfit. These sunglasses are great to wear on holiday to compliment a light, white summery outfit. (Click here for summer outfit ideas). 

Square sunglasses are the overpowering shades currently taking on the fashion industry that can be worn to express your artistic fashion place.

Risky Sunglasses:

These sunglasses are risky to wear but brings out the fashion icon in the person wearing them.

Taking a risk to be trendy and bold definitely has its benefits and Louis Vuitton (top pink) & Gucci (bottom green) certainly understand that.

Summer time is designed for risk taking and having fun and what better way to do that either than a fun, different and stylish accessories which brings attention to your gorgeous face.

Break those fashion rules and mix and match colours you’d never normally do and watch your inner fashionista come to life.

In conclusion: 

These are the hottest sunglasses of the season ranging from typical everyday use sunglasses to extravagant chic and fashionable sunglasses that can be rocked all summer for several occasions.

The creative directors of many designer brands and their take on the spring/summer collections has continued to live up to our expectations creating compelling, different accessories and re-dropping classic, timeless accessories as well.

I’m looking forward to reviewing as many pieces as I can from different, unique designers to find the perfect artistic piece that we all need in our summer wardrobe.

Leave me a comment on whether you enjoyed this post or not and if you liked the sunglasses I showed you! Is there any beautiful sunglasses that I may have missed out? Let me know in the comment section below! x

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