The Top 10 Lipsticks To Make Your Olive Skin POP

The Best Lipsticks To Make Your Olive Skin POP!

Finding the right lipsticks for my skintone has been quite the challenge previously. I tried so many different lipsticks and majority of them made me look pale or unwell (not a great look). Unfortunately, most lipsticks are not universal and are catered more towards fairer skin and that’s the sad truth. However, there are some lipsticks which look so great on tanned/olive skin tone.

They make you look sexy and your skin glow and I’m here for it. After testing so many lipsticks from different brands; I’ve come up with the best lipsticks that go amazingly with your beautiful olive skin that you can wear with confidence and fierceness.

disclaimer* This post is not sponsored by any of the brands above however does contain affilate links which means I earn a small percentage of comission when you purchase at no extra cost to you.

The Pinks 

Mac Cosmetics Mehr Lipstick

There’s a reason why this is No.1 on my list. I am obsessed with the Mac Cosmetics Mehr Lipstick. I wear this everyday  and I cannot tell you how perfect it looks when you have tanned/olive skin. This pinky shade is so attractive and pigmented; you can wear it to work or school or even to a wedding. This is by far my favourite pink lipstick & my most worn one. If you can only buy one lipstick from this entire article; it has to be this one. You have to have this in your lipstick set or it won’t be complete.


Mac Cosmetics Soar Lip liner: 

Another bomb lip product from Mac Cosmetics, the Soar Lip Liner compliments your olive/tan skin in the most alluring way. Overline & fill in your lips with this lip pencil and you’re good to go. A darker pink that brings out the fullness of your lips is going to make all the difference to your makeup routine. Totally sophisticated and professional; this lip liner can be worn in the office or on a night out.



Charlotte Tilbury Hot Crazy In Love Lip Liner & Pillow Talk Medium Lipstick: 

Most products by Charlotte Tilbury are much to light for my liking and don’t go well with my skin tone. Especially the nudes and lighter colours. However, as a birthday gift I recieved the Charlotte Tilbury Crazy In Love Lip Liner & Pillow Talk Medium Lipstick. This pinky – purply lip combo makes your lips look super plumpy and alluring at the same time.


Wearing Charlotte Tilbury Crazy In Love Lip Liner & Pillow Talk Medium.

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HudaBeauty Bombshell: 

HudaBeauty bombshell is one of my favourite liquid matte lipsticks; it’s beautiful pink shade looks flawless on olive/tanned skin and goes great with any occasion.

The Reds:

Ahh reds. Perhaps the most iconic lip colour for tanned skin, the popping red against the olive skin is a match made in heaven.

Mac Cosmetics: Ruby Woo

We’ve started with the most pigmentated, bold red which never fails me; the Mac Cosmetics Ruby Woo Matte drying lipstick. This lipstick gives me literal goosebumps. This breath-taking dark mattifying red is perfect for your olive skin.  This is your go-to red lipstick to wear at a wedding, night out or anywhere which requires extra-ness.

Mac Cosmetics: Lady Danger

This bright and colourful red is strong and looks phenomenal on olive skin. A more subtle red compared to the Ruby Roo this can be worn daily with any outfit. Its brightly pigmentated colour makes both your skin & lips pop.

The Nudes: 

Now, the part we’ve all been waiting for. Nudes are hard to find; especially if you’re tanned. But when you find the right ones; it’s a beautiful moment. Nudes are super in at the moment so down below are my faverouite nude lipsticks for tan/olive skin.

HudaBeauty Trendsetter: 

HudaBeauty tops the list for nude lipsticks but this isn’t any lipstick; it’s a liquid matte (which I love) nude brown which I live for. If there’s one nude you should always have in your lip kit; it’s this one.


Mac Cosmetics Spice Combo: 

Mac Cosmetics’ best seller; the Mac Cosmetic Spice lip liner & lipstick is such a beautiful nude shade. Overline your lips with the liner and fill in with the lipstick and you’ll see the difference it makes to your skin and your lips. This nude lip combo is perfect for fall/winter days when everything gets a little colder & a little darker. This colour is so popular you’d even see celebrities wearing it.


Mac Cosmetics Whirl

Add the Mac Cosmetics Whirl lipstick to your nude lipstick collection and you won’t regret it. This is a different nude which is heavily pigmented and makes your lips appear more fuller and brighter.

Mac Cosmetics Taupe: 

Another best seller from Mac Cosmetics, the Taupe colour is infamous for how it appears on tanned/olive skin. A must have which you should carry with you if you want to look like you made an effort.

In conclusion:

All of these lipsticks above are FABULOUS


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